Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Azide Chemistry
Anline Chemistry
Benzoin Condensation
Diels-Alder Reaction
Gomberg-Bachmann Reaction
Grignard reaction
Hilbert-Johnson Reaction
Low-temperature reactions by n-butyllithium
Custom synthesis

We provide custom synthesis from R&D scale to a large amount . We have pilot plant.

Glass-lined reactor: 50L , 100L , 500L .
Stainless-steal reactor: 100L , 1000L .

Centrifugals : Hastelloy and fluoric lining

Dryers : 500L Double cone dryer

Temperatures ranging from -40ˇăC to 250ˇăC

Pressures ranging from 5mmHg to 10 bar

Process Services

Acylation Amidation Bromination Carbohydrate chemistry
Chlorination Chloromethylation Diazotization Esterification
Fluorination Hydrogenation Halogenation Hydrosilylation
Iodination Nitration Reduction-catalytic Reduction-chemical
Ring closure Sulfonation    
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